Join meeting

You can join meetings and webinars right from your browser. Forget about time-consuming downloads and preventive firewalls. Always attend sessions on time with just a few clicks.

Audio, video, and screen sharing

Add context to your talk by sharing your screen, application, or a connected monitor to deliver presentations and demos. Build trust and connect better by seeing your collaborators face to face through video.

Phone audio

Overcome poor internet and join sessions by dialing in through your phone. Use 100+ local dial-in numbers and 55+ toll-free numbers to join from different countries.


Revisit any topic discussed during a meeting or webinar through recordings. Store and play recordings online, share them with a link, or download them for your own records.

Mobile apps

Open the iOS or Android app on your device and attend sessions right away. Also, host meetings from the iOS app.

Sync Contacts

After the user registration on the chatvybz app, all the user’s phone contacts will be automatically synchronized. The contacts added later will also be updated by the app itself.

Invite Friends

Invite your Friends to u chat by using the “Invite Friends” available to share an app and play store link to your companions and enjoy chatting with them.

Message Block

u chat provides a block option the user can block any chat and unblock the same at any time, by this way the users can feel free from spam/unwanted conversations.

Push Notification

The users will never miss an incoming message as they will always be notified of it with u chat push notification feature. Push notifications will be displayed for both individual and group chats.


Emoticons help the user better understand the context and tone of the message. A wide range of emoticons is implemented to keep the conversations fun and engaging.