About Us

Chatvybz is an secure instant messaging app for smartphones user can make free video and audio call you can also send message, image, video, audio and gives you the accessibility & reliability you need to take your work with you across the globe. Free for online meetings and free video conferencing we makes it easy to host meetings, share your screen and collaborate on the go, or in your web.

Introducing some of the features on the app

Location sharing

An interesting feature that lets you send the location or directly need to invite someone, you can make use of Google Map Location. For making that possible all you need to do is to set up GPS and then tap the attachment icon and select location. By doing so Google Map will open and you can plainly mark the location pin and send it to the corresponding user. The receiver can then tap on the message, open Maps and then adhere to reach the destination.


A lot of personal information is being shared on the Chatvybz. This the main reason for enabling the end-to-end encryption into the application. If the application is encrypted end-to-end, all your conversation which includes text, videos and calls are being kept safe. Only the sender and receiver can read and listen to it, where no one which also includes the government, cannot able to peep into it. This is the most important reason why a lot of people make use of u chat. the application to automatically download images, videos and voice messages when you’re mobile is connected to WIFI. You can even pick the Low Data Usage mode to lower the amount of data that are used for voice and video calls.

Voice calling

Chatvybz video calling allows you to place a video call to anyone using the app. Video calling is available to Android and ios users. One more thing is you need to ensure that you have a strong internet connection when making or receiving any video calls. A poor connection can result in poor video and audio format. If you are linked to Wi-Fi, your quality of video call is dependent on your wireless network signal and your network speed.r

Group texting

Group chat lets you chat with several people all at once. It is the easiest way to be in touch with your friends, relatives and to your loved ones. In addition to it, you can even make a large number of groups. Each group has more than one group admin who can control the group participants. Only they have the capability to add participants to the group. If you have obstructed a contact, you will still get messages which the contact sends into any group you have in general.